Resume Tips

Your resume is:

  • the result of your thought process.
  • for marketing yourself, not for giving your life history.
  • a tool whose purpose is to get the reader interested enough in you to want to know more about you.

Your resume will:

  • show you have the qualifications for the job that is available.
  • show what you can do for the company.
  • show your skills and talents.
  • show your accomplishments.
  • show your significant work history.
  • show your background and training.

Your resume is simply a tool that first helps you organize your thoughts in preparation for entering the job market. It can then become your silent representative that precedes you - or your calling card to remind the interviewer who you are. 

There are other advantages to having a great resume. It adds professionalism to your job campaign and becomes a marketing tool and advertisement for you; it presents your best image to an employer. 

Use action verbs in your resume and cover letter to enhance the description of your skills and accomplishments to  influence the mind of potential employers. 

When you send your resume by email, your subject line is the headline for the resume that you are emailing. In many cases the subject line draws the attention of the recipient. 

The subject line should contain: 

  • Your qualification, your current role, your current employer (maybe), your experience duration

The subject line need not contain:

  • The words resume or CV. These emails always go to a specific email-id for receiving resumes. Therefore avoid mentioning the word resume on the subject line. 
  • Your name. Your name is in the sender id so why duplicate.

Still not sure - Ask our experts to perfect your resume along with tips on emailing CVs. Remember we only organize the contents and perfect the presentation. We don't pepper up the resume.

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